Hotel Values

1.Our guests should feel at home in our hotel facilities at home.
Our clients are our guests. We are responsible for the physical and mental well-being and safety of our guests. Our staff is guided by this philosophy in their service that is friendly, but formal.The guest is always right. We strive to be the best in our industry by listening and acting on positive and negative assessments of our guests.

2.We respect the customs and traditions of our guests.
We appreciate the diversity of language, customs and traditions of our international guests and acknowledge it in our service

3.We wake the senses of sight and taste of our clients and touch the soul.
We will touch the sight, taste and soul of our guests, and aim to be different from other hotels. Upon departure, our guests should be rested, recharged with high energy and increased morale. Our guests must leave with memories of beautiful moments, unforgettable flavours on the palate, and the desire and dream to return.

4. We value our Employees
We will create an environment to ensure that tasks are well defined and employees are competent and able to achieve their potential. All employees will be treated equally and respected regardless of their origin and language. We believe that high employee morale and motivation will translate to a high level of guest satisfaction.

5. We believe in the importance of Team Work
Guest satisfaction can only be achieved through a close interaction between all departments. All departments need to be mutually supportive of each other. Guests should feel comfortable and satisfied from Check-In to Check-Out. For this, all employees are responsible as a Team. Guest satisfaction is the result of Team Effort.

6. We give importance to Computer Technology
We use Computer and Information Technology in marketing, advertising, communication, hospitality services, and accounting to accelerate and simplify internal processes. Our guests will benefit from the added value of these conveniences that can be used to enhance their overall experience at the hotel.

7. We reduce waste and give importance to the economy
– Our products are for the consumption of our guests
– We will use our resources efficiently
– We will protect and enhance our assets and investments
– We encourage all departments to function efficiently
– We will communicate these efforts to our Guests and our Employees.

8. We believe in the cautious use of energy sources
Each of our staff is responsible for the efficient and economical use of Water, Electricity and Natural Gas. Our Human Resources Department independently verifies areas of wastage take corrective action.

9. We Respect the Environment
We consider our hotel landscape and Environment to be a gift and a treasure. We take every opportunity to boost our green space and minimize pollution. Each employee is a steward of our property, and will carry out their tasks in an environmentally sensitive manner. We encourage our guests to absorb the natural beauty that is visible from the rooms and throughout the hotel. We offer visual cues such as containers for waste separation and beaches with quality marks “Blue Flag”.

10.We Respect our region
We make every effort to support regional products, crafts, exhibitions, concerts and performances by bringing them closer to our guests and encourage participation. We ensure that the we use local produce in the food we prepare and make every effort communicate this to our guests. The aim is to support and sustain the local community and gain their recognition and goodwill.